Everyone faces one challenge or another. It could be spiritual, marital, emotional or financial challenge. No living being is without a challenge. When you are facing a challenge do the following:

1. The first question you should ask yourself is how did I get here?  What have I done wrong to get here/ where did I go wrong? Is it caused by me or other factors? That’s the difference between David and Saul. David found himself in crisis and he took responsibility and knew he had sinned against God (2 Samuel 12:13). E.g. You are going through financial challenge and you know your income but yet you overspent that month then you are blaming God for being broke. That is an example of self created financial challenge. Most of our financial trouble is caused by us biting more than we can chew. Do not put yourself under financial crisis and blame the devil for it.

2. Check whether God is saying something to you.
Rebecca would never have known two nations were in her worm expect for crisis. In crisis you can find God, and you can find out the will of God. When Rebecca was in crisis, she went to God and He said to her you are carrying two nations in your worm (Genesis 25: 23).  The beauty of God in crisis is that it takes you to your next level.  Hannah had a delay and went to God in prayer. The delay was profitable to her because she had Samuel.  Prayer is your hiding place in times of crisis. Time of challenge or need must be the time you must be closest to God.

3. Surround yourself with those who can help you in time of crisis.
Do not surround yourself with sympathizers. See how many people came to cry at the time of Lazarus’ death (John 11) but only one person was useful and that was Jesus. Every other person was not useful, they were just crying. May God give you a good friend in the time of crisis in the Name of Jesus. Sometimes it is not what you give people it is the words you give to them. You need friends who will say “we stand with you in prayer you can do this.” Many of us are too close to too many people who are not useful to us. Friendship is like mathematics, some people can multiply you, some come into your life to divide or subtract from your life, while others add to your life. Surround yourself with who will lift you out of your challenge.

Be careful what you say about yourself, your family and finances in times of challenges.  Finally, there is a WAY OUT OF ALL CHALLENGES (John 16:32-33) and know you are an overcomer because God has already OVERCOME the world.

Pastor Sola Olowokere

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