Church membership is not a means of salvation. Simply becoming a member of Christ Family Kingdom Center (For All Nations) or any other church at that does not assure anyone of eternal peace in heaven. Church membership is also not a requirement for worshiping or serving at Christ Family Kingdom Center (For All Nations).

However, the Bible ENCOURAGES believers to meet regularly with fellow Christians who love, serve, encourage, and help one another.

Becoming a member at Christ Family Kingdom Center (For All Nations) means more than simply signing a piece of paper. Becoming our member signifies your commitment to our “Spiritual Family,” knowing that a family that worships together grows in faith together, and helps each other.

We are devoted to bonding with you and desire to help you solidify your faith and find your place at Strong Tower Parish. Our membership classes are open to anyone who is a follower of Christ.

The membership class provides reviews of our history, mission, vision, ministry values, and areas of service.