The Benefits of Serving God

What Do We Mean by Serving God?
It means making yourself available for the service of God in His Kingdom and to take the gospel to the next level. We have been called to serve. God does not deal with your ability but your availability, which will take you to the next level in life. The house of God requires your availability (Isaiah 6:8). Serving God is when God calls you to work. A dead man has nothing to do in place of service.
The Word you receive, pass it on to others (2 Timothy 2:1-2). When you receive the Word, accept it as a leader, let it change you and help you change the society around you. When you receive the Word, receive it as a testimony of God’s Goodness.  If Jesus can work (John 9:4), what stops you from working for Him? If God works, that means we must also work (Isaiah 6:8). The same thing you pass on. Whatever work you have, pass it on to the next generation.
God wants us to be involved in everything (Genesis 2:19-20). When God called Adam into the Garden of Eden, and He gave the responsibility to Adam to name the animals. Same God has given you responsibility today to take leadership. When you relinquish your leadership role, you allow your enemy to use you.
God uses the mouth of an ass to speak to the prophet (Number 22:28-31). There is nothing or anyone God cannot use. Limitations are when you think you are too small or you are not good enough. Rodah was used because she was a kid. The poor man was used to deliver the whole city (Ecclesiastes 9:14-15). Saul, who started his years as a murderer, was turned to Paul (who wrote most of the New Testament). Rahab was an harlot that made the hall of faith after God used her to deliver the people of God (Hebrews 11:31-32).  Thus, you do not have an excuse.
What is Benefits?  It means Privileged, Perks, Something good and Advantage.
And What are the Benefits of Serving God?

  1. Our Health is Preserved (3 Johns 1:2, Exodus 23:25-26).
  2. Divine Protection (Daniel 6:10-17; 6:18-23). When a decree was made, Daniel went into his room and started praying to God. This tells us that when we have a commitment with God, it is important to keep it. Daniel made a promise and he kept it by praying to God.  Thus when Daniel went into the den of lions he came out without being hurt. God also kept His promise to Daniel by protecting Daniel from the hungry lions.
  3. God Honors everyone that serves Him (John 12:26). God honors everyone that serve him consistently.
  4. Divine Rewards (Revelation 22:12-13). There is a reward for everyone, therefore work to receive your own reward.
  5. Divine Support (1 King 19:14-18; 19:4-8). God supported Elisha at the point of his weariness.

In conclusion, God’s calling is always there. Will you answer the call of God to serve Him? (Isaiah 6:8). Lord, help me to be able to be more committed to you all the days of my life.

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  1. Alexander Akande says:

    Serving God is profitable and of great value. I’ve seen great manifestations that I can testify of His goodness. I don’t know if anyone has a testimony as a result of serving God.

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