The topic today, “My Star is Rising”, is to show our position in Christ. According to science star is part of the galaxy that takes its reflection from the sun. In the kingdom, stars are light (Genesis 1:16 and Psalm 136:7-9). When we say my star is rising it means our light is rising. In the Scripture, Jesus describes Himself as the bright and morning star (Revelation 22:16) and let the Church also know that Jesus is the root and off-spring of all David.

When you read the story of Joseph. Potiphar made Joseph to be the overseer of his house. Every Christian must know from the scripture that God has a big vision/plan for you and your family just like He did with Joseph and his brothers. If Joseph’s brothers had known and understood that they were all stars themselves they would not have treated Joseph the way they did. Joseph said he saw twelve stars meaning all of them were stars. You must let your mind expand to know who God has made you to be.

– Light Drives Darkness: Darkness cannot comprehend your light (John 1:5). Sickness, fear and generally anything not from God is darkness. You cannot be afraid of your future because you have light and you are also light. If your light shines brighter, it will chase away the darkness. People running after your destiny cannot catch you because you are light. You are a star and take your reflection from Jesus Who is the Sun (Psalm 84:11). The closer you are to God the brighter your shine. Just like in the physical stars take their reflection from the Sun, God is our Sun therefore our reflection is from Him.

– Light is Used for Guidance: When driving at night the driver is guided by the headlights and not taillights so in the same way God as the Light guides (Psalm 119:105). For example, if you want to take a career step or make life’s decisions, ask God first before taking such decisions.

– Light Attract: If everywhere is dark and someone turns on the flashlight you will see everyone walking towards the flashlight (Luke 1:79). There are favors that will not attract to you until you operate as light. Light attracts. Example, you think they do not favor you at work, you just pray “Lord let Your Light shine unusually on me in a way I have never seen or experienced before.”

– Every Star has its Time: Arise shine your light has come (Isaiah 60:1), another Bible translation reads “your time has come”. For those of us who play sports, Mike Jordan then late Kobe Bryant had their time and shined as stars.

I prophesy that your time has come to shine in Jesus’ Mighty Name, I prophesy to you that THIS IS YOUR TIME.

Pastor Sola Olowokere

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