It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, O Most High (Psalm 92: 1). It’s more than just a commonsense thing but a good thing to do always.

One of the most productive way to invest your time is in Praising God. As we gather in every service, what God takes from us directly is our praises. Our prayer does not improve Him but our praise exalts Him.

You cannot pray for God to be a better God. God is the only one that does not need improvement, but every other thing needs improvement (Psalm 18: 30). Every man that is at his best still needs improvement. E.g. A married couple still needs improvement of their relationship even if they are doing well.

Friends, it is important to Praise God even more than ever before. If you Praise God right, you have gotten your life right. When you get the issue of praise right, it is beyond singing when the choir leads songs, but living a lifetime of praise and not just service time. Your life is designed to be an altar of praise unto God and to praise Him continually. Also praising God helps us to fulfill His desire, for He seeks for those that will Worship Him in spirit and in truth. Do not only call on God’s Name when you need something, learn how to sing praises to His Holy Name. For many of us, the only time we call His Name is when we need something from Him but His Name must be praised always.

David, a man of understanding showed us many ways to understand God through Praise. When you know His Name, and call Him by His Name that you know, you are in a sense exalting His Name because God’s value is embedded in His Name. You do not need a good voice to Praise God, all you need is a grateful heart. If you do not have a grateful heart, whatever you sing to Him will not have any meaning. Your Praise must start from your heart.

Anatomy of Praise.
You must understand that God’s priority to every living is Praising Him (Ephesians 5:19). Real Praise starts from your heart. There is a genuineness in anything that your heart is connected to. Many of us say God is good but our hearts sometimes do not believe that He is as good as our mouth professes. The reason why some people do not believe God is good is because He has not done what they want Him to do forgetting that He has done much more than we deserve. There is no matter in life where Praise is not relevant. If you can afford a meal, give thanks to God because it is not everyone that can afford to eat what they want to eat. Do you know that your current position in life is another person’s prayer point? Sometimes seat in the house and make a list of all that God has done for you and you will be amazed, and your heart will be full of praise. Finally, you must remind yourself of this truth always that if you have a prayer point, you must also have a praise point (Praise Report).

As you enter the month of August, you must open it up with thanksgiving. Nothing is too small to include in your thanks-giving point. Hallelujah!!!!!

Pastor Sola Olowokere

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