Contributing to the Kingdom Community

Christ Family Kingdom Center (CFKC) is part of God’s Kingdom and being part of the kingdom means we are one of the satellites. Every church has their purpose and it’s your purpose determines the kind of responsibility that will be given to you has. E.g. As Children begin to grow up, parents give them chores that that they can handle thereby ensuring everyone brings something to the table. Everyone has a purpose and must contribute to the Kingdom. When we talk about responsibility two things come to mind: (i) Am I doing anything at all? (ii) Or am I doing as much as I should?

God will always use man to do things on the earth. We need to make ourselves available to work for God. Adam contributed his labor to God by cultivating and tending to the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:15). He also contributed his rib. No community or Nation can grow without people in that community contributing to it. You need to reflect on whether “you have given yourself or contributed to the Kingdom Community”.

Six Ways to Contribute to the Kingdom:

1. By making yourself available (Isaiah 6:8). The Church needs your availability meaning the Church need you and we want you to be present. May God give us the grace to be present (Ephesians 5:25 and 1 Timothy 5:6).

2. By giving your family to the Church. The Church needs all hands-on deck i.e. husband, wife, and children (Joshua 24:14-15 and John 1:37-42). As a family, you can contribute to the Church.

3. By contributing your time (Luke 14:16-23) because we need to make time to do God’s work. Please make yourself available.

4. By contributing our resources (Luke 8:1-3). Every time you go to Church, think about the cost of maintenance of the Church, electricity, air conditioning and salaries etc. These Church expenses need to be paid and it is through us (Act 4:33-37. Act 2:41-47).

5. By sharing your influence. everyone has influence. E.g. some older couples can influence younger couples in their marriage relationship or older Christians influence younger Christians (Philemon 1:10-19).

6. By giving your talent and gifts. Everyone has a talent(s) that can be used to edify the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:7-12). If you do not contribute your talent and gifts, you rub the Church of the Grace that your talent brings. With every talent or gift, there is a Grace attached to it.

The risk of not contributing to Kingdom is that God will use another person. May God not replace us in Jesus’ Name.

Deacon Adeniyi Adekunle

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