Anatomy is to understand the structure of something and so in the same vein, we want to understand the evangelism structure. Many issues that people of the world advocate for is driven by compassion but unfortunately the Church where everyone saved has benefited from God’s compassion is the least compassionate place in today’s world. That is where there is no true love, understanding for other people’s plight. Also, the Church is one of the most unforgiving places in the world because for example, if the woman caught in the act of adultery according to scripture is in today’s Church, she will not be a member of any Church. Jesus looked at the woman and said unto her, where are your accusers? She replied and said she couldn’t find them. Then Jesus said, “neither do I condemn you but go and sin no more.” Until the Church (Body of Christ) embraces compassion we will not get people into the Kingdom of our God. Prayer alone will not bring them. Even if they come because of food, they will eat and will not come back if they don’t find compassion in the Church or among the believers. The only thing that will bring them and make them stay is compassion. The greatest strength of evangelism is on the bedrock of compassion (Matthew 9: 36-38).

Many have sympathy for people but do not have empathy for them. Compassion is not just showing love with sympathy but showing love with empathy. Empathy is reaching out to someone who is in a lonely state or place of life. For our heart to be drawn towards someone who is going through a difficult time. Putting ourselves in someone’s difficulty and looking for solution to bringing them out. It is showing mercies unto someone. It is also so interesting that where everyone gets mercy, is THE MOST DIFFICULT place to find mercy today and this place is the Church. May the Almighty God help us all in Jesus’ Precious Name – Amen!!!! Until the church comes back to the foundation of our outreach which is compassion, we will not be able to bring people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s look at two cases quickly. In Matthew 15: 32, Then Jesus called His Disciples and said, “I have compassion on the multitude.” Remember this, that no good thing is driven without Compassion which is the bedrock of all things. If you have anything else but compassion it is not going to last. Do you not wonder how some movements grow very fast and very big? It is because people advocate their issues through the lens of compassion so that many might join them to fight these causes.

Around 13 years ago, there was going to be a proposition on the issue of marriage between man and woman. The other side began to mobilize. The Church raised about one million dollars and the other side raised close to $18 million. The advocate for the other side had Compassion for their cause. Somebody, Say, COMPASSION!!!!!!

You win more hearts with compassion than any other means. When people have problem, try to understand why they have the problem by showing empathy. If someone is doing something wrong do not judge them even when you condemn their deeds but still find a way to assist them to become better people. Remember Jesus had compassion on us. Sometimes we are quick to show compassion to people we do not know but find it difficult to show compassion to other believers in Christ Jesus. Matthew 18: 22 – 32 talks about forgiveness. Allow compassion to others to move you and put all yourself righteousness aside because if God marks iniquity nobody will stand. Let compassion move you in everything you do, and you will see lives turn to Jesus Christ.

This week may compassion move you into helping someone, in doing something right, bringing someone to Jesus Christ. Amen
The first set of people to show compassion to is our family members. Kingdom outreaches should not begin with outsiders but with our family members. In John 1: 40-41, see what Andrew did when he met Jesus? Andrew first found his brother Simon. True evangelism that will last in an assembly like this starts with our own family. The reason why many cannot bring their family members is because their family do not know that they are saved.

So, who must I find first? Someone from my family. The question now is this, is there a family member that you need to find and bring to Jesus? Go for them and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will save their souls in Jesus Wonderful Name – Amen! Thank You, Lord, for Your Compassion shown to us and help us O Lord to show compassion to others starting with the members of our family in Jesus Precious Name – Amen!!!!!

Father let Your Goodness and Mercy follow us, now and always in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen!

Pastor Sola Olowokere

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