The Miracle Story of Chris: God restores a missing kidney. Chris was born with only one kidney, missing his left kidney. This was confirmed with tests done while in the womb and after birth. However, the God of wonders, the Lord of the universe miraculously replaced his missing kidney. Read more.


Text: Matthew 8:1-4, Ps. 19:7-8

  • Glory is not ascribed to anyone, but to God alone.
  • Testimonies have the ability to reproduce after itself, share it.

Children added to family

Several sisters testified on Gods goodness in granting them healthy Grandchildren. The scripture is fulfilled, “Yea, you shall see your children’s children, and peace upon Israel (King James 2000 Bible). A brother testified about Gods goodness in giving his wife and him a healthy baby boy.

Additional years

Several Brothers are grateful to God for an additional year to their lives. A mother testified of God’s goodness in keeping her daughter to the age of 17 and in granting her journey mercies on a recent trip.

Joy restored to family

A sister testified on the restoration of Joy to a family through the God’s intervention.

Divine supply

In this month of Divine supplies, some brethren testified about God’s intervention in supplying their needs more than they expected or dreamt of. A sister had a huge bill, which the creditors told her she doesn’t have to pay any more. Praise God!! Several Brethren testified about the gift of new jobs. In one case, the Brother was exceedingly favored during interview; it was such that the interviewer was the one providing answers to the questions that were asked! He couldn’t have asked for more as the packages included in the job is attractively splendid. A brother and sister testified on being granted scholarships for their college courses.

Grateful to God For Protection

A Sister thanked God for protection. Even when we don’t seem to receive answers to prayers, there’s a reason behind everything. Her plans to carry out a project in Liberia didn’t work out, but now she’s grateful to God. Had she gone, she knew she could have been caught up in the nemesis of Ebola virus, a pandemic disease.

Year of More

For every member of Christ Family Kingdom Center, year 2014 is the year of more! A Brother testified that this has truly been a year of more to him and his family indeed. He thanked God for journey mercies.