Our Leaders

Pastor Emmanuel S. Olowokere

img By His Grace, Pastor Emmanuel Sola Olowokere is a teacher of the Word with deep spiritual and biblical insights. Passionate, witty, and blessed with prophetic unction, he is an engaging and impactful minister of the Word. God is using him tremendously in doing great exploits and breaking new grounds in His Kingdom.

God called him to start a Kingdom work in Minneapolis in 2000, and that work has grown from a “4 adult-and-4-children” congregation to a strong and very great people who are a strong force for God’s Kingdom in the Land.
A thorough and inspiring leader, Pastor Emmanuel Sola Olowokere, brings his accounting background to bear on his leadership endeavors. He desires to see the Kingdom of God established on the earth, especially in this end-time, and this strong desire is very contagious.
Pastor Emmanuel Sola Olowokere is actively involved in Pray Network Inc, which is an organization that encourages Church to pray through some spiritual initiatives such as prayer clinics, prayer conferences, and prayer explosions, which is being held all around the world.
Pastor Emmanuel is married to Pastor Jumoke, and they are blessed with three daughters, Favor, Praise, Peace, and a son, Treasure.

Pastor (Mrs.) Olajumoke Olowokere

imgFondly called Pastor Jumi, Pastor Olajumoke is a pastor, Minister/Divisional Superintendent (D.S), and the Senior Pastor’s sweetheart. A Registered Nurse by training, she radiates the care, warmth and hospitality of her secular profession in the discharge of her spiritual duties. In spite of her loaded schedule as a Nurse-Manager and mother of three daughters and a son, she devotes quality time to the propagation of the Kingdom’s work.

Other members of the ministerial council include:

  • Shola Kayode
  • Wole Osibodu
  • Niyi Adekunle
  • Kayode Awosika
  • Ebi Awosika
  • Williametta Etta
  • LaTonya Whitley
  • Beatrice Olowokere
  • Wale Adeboye
  • Alex Akande
  • Rufus Okomhanru
  • Lanre Olowo
  • Bisola Femi-Jegede
  • Abayomi Ajisola
  • Idowu Kotila
  • Femi Jegede

Members of The Board of Trustees include:

  • Pastor Emmanuel Olowokere
  • Shola Kayode
  • Williametta Etta
  • Ebi Awosika
  • Raymond Akinruli
  • Bukky Apata