New to Strong Tower?

Christ Family Kingdom Center (For All Nations) offers a classic Evangelical/Pentecostal worship experience with a traditional flavor.

Parking: Don’t hesitate to ask help from our parking team (Holy Police). They will assist you to locate the lot or point you to available street parking. To (street) park on Monroe Street or 13th Ave, you’ll need to be in by 8:15a.m for the early morning service or 10.45a.m for the late morning service at the latest. Otherwise the parking lot is on Quincy Ave. & Broadway

Children’s Church: If you have children, stop by the children’s welcome booth in the basement to find out about classes and locations. We have different classes for different age groups.

Question(s): We have a staff to help you if you have any concerns about our service. They are trained to listen and encourage you, and they are eager to help. Our Ushers/Greeters are ready to help.